Our Services

Basic Services

24-hour emergency assistance
Adult Companion Services 
Homemaker Services
Individual Community Living Skills (ICLS)
Night Supervision Personal Support 
Respite Care 

Intensive Services

Individualized home supports with training
Individualized home supports with family training

Integrated Community Support

Integrated Community Supports (ICS) are services that provide support and training to adults aged 18 and older who live in an ICS setting, such as an apartment in a multi-family housing building. These services can be provided up to 24 hours per day in the person's living unit or in the community, and include cueing, skill maintenance, guidance, instruction, and assistance with activities of daily living and coordination of community living activities

Covered services under ICS include training and support in at least one of the following categories: community participation, health, safety, and wellness, household management, and adaptive skills. These services may include support with transportation needs, self-care activities, health care appointments, household care and maintenance, socialization and leisure activities, budgeting and money management, and more.

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